Submission Rules

  • Participants should submit their results on the testing data in a zipped file and the specific format will be communicated to the registered participants via email.
  • Each participating team must submit a manuscript describing their algorithm in detail.
    • The organizers will review the paper for sufficient details required to understand and reproduce the algorithm and hold the right to exclude participants from the post-challenge journal paper in case their method description is insufficient.
    • These manuscripts will be publicly released with the post challenge journal paper.
  • Participants are also required to submit the testing script and model parameters to enable the organizers to reproduce their submitted results on the organizers local machine.
    • Participating teams maintain copyright of the associated intellectual property and software they develop in course of participating in MoNuSAC 2020. The testing code and model parameters submitted during the challenge will be used by the organizers for the sole purpose of model evaluation and will not be released publicly in any form (even with the post-challenge journal paper).
  • Specific format of the manuscript and testing code submission will be sent through an email to the registered teams.