The data of this challenge will be released publicly, under creative commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), after formal acceptance of the associated journal paper, which is currently under review.

H&E staining of human tissue sections is a routine and most common protocol used by pathologists to enhance the contrast of tissue sections for tumor assessment (grading, staging, etc.) at multiple microscopic resolutions. Hence, we will provide the annotated dataset of H&E stained digitized tissue images of several patients acquired at multiple hospitals using one of the most common 40x scanner magnification. The annotations will be done with the help of expert pathologists. 

Additional information about the data and the challenge rules can be found by clicking here.

The training data has been released to the registered participants. If you want to get the training data, please register here. (Note: Training data will be received by the registered participants within 24-48 hours of their registrations)

Code for reading the .xml annotation files can be downloaded by clicking here.

The testing dataset will be released on Feb 1, 2020.